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Wanna Be a Great Mom? Check out Jennifer Grant's new book, Momumental.

In a world of parenting blogs, books and pinterst posts that fuel my aspirations to be a supermom, Jennifer Grant’s new book, Monumental, gives readers permission for me to be an everday mom that loves her kids in a crazy, messy and loud home.
Jennifer is a great storyteller – she uses her mom memories to remind other moms about the mission and journey of motherhood.
Don’t read it if you’re looking for a how-to parenting book.But if you’re looking for a mom who understands your trials and triumphs, and wants to hang out together, then pick up this book.IT’s full of conversations I could imagine with best friends on a hike, beside a fireplace, or tucked on a porch swing.
You will laugh and cry.Remember and aspire.You will be encouraged. This book is good for moms with kids in diapers or prom dresses – any mom who needs a dose of encouragement for the difficult (yet delightful) adventure of motherhood.

I received the book in this post compliments of Worthy Publishing via Handlebar Marketing…