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I just read "Don't Make Me Count to Three!" by Ginger Plowman. I loved it! It's full of practical suggestions and scenarios that help parents think through discipline that affects a child's heart, not just his behavior. If you've seen Ted Tripp's book, "Shepherding a Child's Heart", it's similar, but it gives more ideas for execution, instead of just theories. It's a quick & easy read, that I'll refer to for many years. I even laughed aloud at some of her stories.

Best take-home points:
**Tons of scripture to reinforce teaching points with children - very convicting for the parents, in that we need to be absorbing God's word!
**The cycle of discipline
ask questions to help your child see the error of his heart/behaviorshare scripture that tells us it's wrong to do xyzeducate your child on the proper behavior (inlcuding role playing, scripture...)discipline/spankcomfort and forgivemake retribution**She includes a great cha…
Dear Marmee, The Interview
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(I LOVED reading this interview from a down-to-earth mom who raised 9 children!)

* * *
Jenna: When was it, in your life, that you decided that caring for your family and managing your household was going to be a top priority in your life?

Marmee: I met my husband-to-be when I was 14 - he was 24. It was a very *unique* situation with my older sister being engaged to marry his younger brother. Of course I was still in high school but my whole desire was just to be a wife and homemaker. So I used those highschool years to take advantage of every home economics course the school offered (it was a Christian private school so offered much more than a public school would). I even took college home-ec courses my senior year in high school as I had already taken everything offered at the high school level.

I married my *sweetie* at 18 after I graduated. He had very strong convictions on a…
With two children, I don't have time to bounce around to a lot of different grocery stores to get the best deals. I have to admit that I'm totally addicted to Publix's penny items on Sundays & Mondays, so I often sneak in there to get their deal of the week. While I'm there, I stock up on their buy-one-get-one-free items (which are usually a steal!).

Other than this shopping splurge, I've found two stores that consistently offer the best deals: Wal-mart grocery and Aldi. Wal-mart's bonus is that they price match other stores' sales, so if Publix is offering Ragu spaghetti sauce for .99, then Wal-mart will give you the same deal. They do not, however, match the buy-one-get-one-free items, because no specific price is listed in the store flyer. All you have to do is take your grocery flyers, and show the cashier the store ads. As appealing as this sounds, however, Wal-mart's prices are usually as low, or almost as low, as the competitor's sales pri…
Don't you wish there was an instructions manual for becoming a mom? I hope to use this forum as a way to collect tricks of the trade for moms. I'll share my secrets, spotlight secrets I've learned from friends, and I hope you will share what works for your family. I will focus on tips that help families stay balanced, healthy, frugal, creative, and closely knit. Who knows - maybe one day we'll turn our collection into a real handbook to help moms do their job fantastically!