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Book Review - The Book of Books: The Bible Retold by Trevor Dennis

I’ve been reading TheBook of Books: The Bible Retold by Trevor Dennis for about a month now.
The good:
·Dennis is a good storyteller, and he retells scripture with a combination of storytelling and Bible quotes.
·The stories are simple and easy to read.
·Dennis introduces chapters with well-written summaries that explain the context of the stories.
·He includes a good balance of Old and New Testament stories.

The bad:
·It does have a few simple illustrations, but it’s very texty.The design is not something that will excite preteens.
·Some of the stories seem to be altered a little bit from scripture.The first few times I noticed a difference, I just shrugged it off, thinking perhaps I didn’t read the original Bible story very carefully. Then when I reached the story of Ruth and Boaz, I compared the text to scripture side by side.Not only was the story different, but it was told in a manner I would not want my children to read.According to the story, Naomi tells Ruth to “Go to where [Boaz] was…

Sharing MommySecrets on Pinterest

I've been collecting parenting tips on pinterest for a national organization called ParentFurther.  PF has TONS of resources for parents, and they are all free.  You can also follow me on pinterest as I pin ideas for ParentFurther -  I've included a sampling of the pages below, and there are also 2 intereactive boards where you can post your ideas for others to see!

Happy exploring,

Family Fun - an Interactive Board 108 pins · Activity Ideas 93 pins
Parenting Resources 57 pins Healthy Family Recipes - an Interactive Board 61 pins ·
Family Traditions 31 pins Neat & Tidy Family Tips 32 pins Outdoor Family Fun 17 pins Building Strong Fami…