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Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg is a cute and clever book. It's an easy read that I did not want to put down each night. Believable and relatable characters with real life struggles.  It's book two of the Walker series, but I didn't feel behind, and I haven't read the first book.
The themes include life-work balance (who can't relate to that?!), love, Faith, forgiveness, loyalty new starts, family, and life purpose. So many great themes! If readers take the story to Heart, they will have an opportunity for self-reflection that might lead to shifting priorities and paths. It would be a great read for a book club, because there are so many great discussion points woven throughout the book.
I wasn't surprised to hear that the book was named by Publishers Weekly to their spring 2016 "Religion and Spirituality" Top 10 list
I would recommend this book to any female reader age 16 plus, though readers 18 + may find the story easier to relate to.
I received …

Camping Tips

Mique published a great set of camping tips at thirtyhandmadedays...

Camping.  It seems like everyone is talking about their upcoming trips and plans for the summer.  Growing up I didn’t camp much so it isn’t my favorite thing.  Josh on the other hand, went camping A LOT.  His mom loves the smell of campfire.  Me? Not so much.  He has turned our kids into fans of camping and we have a trip scheduled for next month.  Wish me luck!

Last time we went, I scoured the internet for recipes, printables and more.  I thought you might enjoy some of the favorites that I found. Read more here.

Pearls from the Mother

by Lyn Overholt, my beautiful aunt

Routine is a mother’s best friend.
Never say “I won’t love you if….”Remember that discipline means guidance, not punishment.When praising a child, begin by saying “You must be proud of yourself.  You have worked hard at whatever it is……” THEN say, “I’m proud of you, too. “ The reason: we want to teach children to reinforce their own work, not work only for other’s approval.  I will explain what I mean.When looking at children’s art work, ask them to tell you about their picture instead of saying “What is that?”Say what you mean and mean what you say.Model the behavior you want your children to exhibit.Listen more than you speak. You don’t always have to “fix it.”Good question to ask: what do you think should be done?Tell your children that they can call you from wherever at any time of day or night and you will come and get them no questions asked… (…..until later.)You can ask me anything about anything and we will deal with it together.Sex:  a beautif…

cups of coffee and cups of life

Look at the beautiful sign my sister made for her kitchen!  I love the way it reminds her each morning, as she's getting her CUP of coffee about her overflowing CUP of blessings!
We all need that morning reminder, don't we?

Book Review: Back in the Saddle by Ruth Logan Herne

I've been living on a ranch out west for the last week.  Well, not really, but while reading Backin theSaddle by Ruth Logan Herne, it's felt like I've been riding horses with a ranching family.

It's the story of a modern day prodigal son who returns home to find himself, his family, and his new role in life.  It's the story of a strong woman moving from a place of hiding to freedom, while embracing faith, courage and forgiveness.  It's the story of a dying father forgiving himself for past mistakes, and using the time he has left to love others and rebuild relationships.  It's the story of a family with a history of harmful choices becoming a  family that heals a community.

Every reader is sure to identify with one of the many well-develiped characters in this book.  It's a light-hearted and enjoyable book packed with life lessons and beautiful scenery.  I would recommend this book to any female reader age 14+.  

I've never read a noval by Herne, but I…