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Family Fitness

Keeping our family active is very important to us.  It's important for health & wellness, of course.  But it's also good for managing energy levels and stress.  It builds family unity.  And it helps us take care of these bodies God has given us.  So we love to be outside with the kids - walking, biking, playing soccer, playing catch...  Looking for ways you can be active together?  Here are 3 simple ideas from Simple Mom about family fitness.

Shopping on Amazon this year?  You probably already know that most purchases over $25 ship free, but did you know that there is a free online service that will help you find items to fill the difference between your purchase amount and the $25 shipping minimum?  Whether you need 25 cents or $5, this site will list a plethora of items to choose from.  Then you won't go way over-budget on your purchase!