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A Web of Support

It's important to surround your family with people that love you.  Parents need the support and prayers as they raise their children.  Spouses need the support and prayer as they try to love each other well.  Kids need the support and prayer as they navigate life's challenges.  We've tried to weave a web of support around our family through extended family, neighbors, church friends, and our small group.  It takes vulnerability to let people into your life - because they are sure to see the messiness!  But it's totally worth it!

Book Review & Freebie: Defy the Night by Heather and Lydia Munn

I just finished reading Defy the Night by Heather and Lydia Munn.

The publisher describes the book this way:  "In the midst of war, one teenager is determined to make a difference.  In 1941 France is still "free." But fifteen-year-old Magali is frustrated by the cruel irony of pretending life is normal when food is rationed, new clothes are a rarity, and most of her friends are refugees. And now the government is actually helping the Nazis. Someone has got to do something, but it seems like no one has the guts—until Paquerette arrives. Smuggling refugee children is Paquerette's job. And she asks Magali to help. Working with Paquerette is scary and exhausting, but Magali never doubts that it is the right thing to do. Until her brash actions put those she loves in danger."

I asked the authors (a mother-daughter duo) how they chose to write a book about this topic.  I thought you'd like to hear their answers:

Lydia says: "When I was researching the events o…

Celebrating 1001 posts!

I've posted 1001 posts on this blog.  Wow!  What started as a way to catalog my favorite mothering and homemaking resources, has grown to far bigger than I imagined.  Just had to celebrate with you!   :)

Jenga Fun

How long has it been since you played Jenga?  Fun for all ages!

Penny Jars and Little Bankers

My dear hubby started collecting this pennies when he was a young boy.  He told our children that they could have the money, if they counted the pennies in the jug.  Our 7 and 9 year olds got busy on the task last week!  We've been counting and filling coin holders together, and they've counted $12 for their deposit so far.  They've really enjoyed the process, and they're getting great bank training!

Giving them a financial education is really important to us, so this fits well into our goals of teaching them to earn, save, give, enjoy and invest their time, talents and treasures.


My friend Susan gave this little plaque to me.  I need it.  Sometimes we run too fast, and I need to remember to slow down and breathe.  Remember my priorities, say yes's and no's accordingly, and guard our family well.  Do you need space to breathe today?  What can you do to find space to breathe and protect your family from life's chaos?

Happy Crazy Fun

You've probably seen similar pictures on pinterest.  I love it, because it reminds me that no matter how loud and crazy our home gets, that we are mostly up to a lot of happy fun in our home.  Sometimes I need that reminder, because chaos is hard for me.  I have to remember to take a breath and see the big picture happening in our home.  It's all about loving relationships - teaching kiddos to love God, love each other, and love the world around us.  And that's messy and loud!   :)